Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Responce to Feedback

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback I got both from peoples blogs and in-person.  I got some good ideas that I will definatly try to incorperate in my next version of Frisco Wars.


Characters -- Before the game starts players will recieve one character card at random.  This will be the type of gang they are controlling.  Each gang will have a number of home-turf neighborhoods, as well as weapon affinties and other special abilites.  Examples of such characters may be: Bums, Hippies, Yuppies, Tourists, Suits, Immigrants, Hookers, etc.  There will probably be between 6 or 8 characters in the final version.

Money -- Several people suggested adding money into the mix, which I had been concidering and will definatly include.  Players will recieve "protection" money from each neighborhood they control (some will give more money than others) which can be spent on new recruits, saving units, bribeing cops, buying weapons and taking taxis.

Unit death -- When units get "knocked out" (they don't get killed right away anymore) they will go to the hospital.  At the end of any turn a player can pay the "hospital bill" to get their units out.  But, if by the beginning of thier next turn they don't pay to have thier units saved, they die and are burried at sea.

Cops -- Players will have the ability to call the cops.  This ability will either be a once-per turn for everyone, or only if your home turf is being attacked, or if you buy a cell phone (I haven't decided how to manage this resource yet).  When the cops come they are 2 units (a number which will most likley escalate as the game progresses, eventually leading to a van full of swat team members will assault rifles a la GTA) with 1 Gun, 1 Hand cuff (E), 1 Night Stick (B), and 1 Badge (S) weapon card that are randomly used by the person who called the cops.  Any units lost to the police will go to Alcatraz instead of the hospital.  These units "bail" will cost 3x more than the hospital bill, but will work in the same way.  It may be possible to bribe to cops to fight against the person that called them, or just to go away.

(?)Taxis / Limos -- I am concidering including the ability to hire a taxi or limo.  This would allow you to "drive" to any neighboring neighborhood not nessesarily connected via Muni, and attack.  A taxi could hold 3 or 4 units and would cost 3 - 5 money tokens, and a limo could hold 6 or 10 units and cost alot more money.  This is just an idea and might not work, but I was wondering about the ability to sneak attack when I came up with this element.  I'll see if it is needed after the next playtesting.

Hopefully I can get some of these elements together for this weekend and play test it with the normal Risk-party crew.


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