Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Responce to Beta Testing

Thanks to everyone who suffered through all the rules to play Frisco Wars (that's a working title). It was good to see that even though there is alot to digest in the beginning, it isn't too over whelming for people. I got some good feedback and came up with some ideas on how I will progress from here.

The board we used was never intended to be the final board, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to look to be for the finished product. A replica Muni map? An anchient scroll? Techni-color Candy land? Im still not sure. But I do know that the 'hood names will be more prominant, the bus lines will all be the same color as to be less distracting, and I will include the different rule charts on the outter areas of the map for quick reference. (cop responce, extras cost, weapon pecking order)

I will have to come up with a bunch more mission cards, as people seemed to like the idea of playing to a certian goal better than trying to conquer the whole map. It will also make the game shorter for those people who don't like loosing a whole afternoon to a board game.

I might play around with the idea of adding some action cards that players draw at the beginning of their turn and effect everyone. Examples being: "Cell phones 50% off" "Uh oh, Tsunami" "Free health care" "Earthquake downtown" "Walking dead" etc. I will make some and try to play a game or two with them outside class before the final game play.

I am also going to re-work the gangs to give them more backstory and more ability for role playing.


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