Friday, November 26, 2004

:: Final Project Post --Pre-Beta Testing ::

I has a chance over thanxgiving break to have some people not from our class playtest my beta version, and I am making some changes according to how that experiance went.

Firstly I realized that this game is alot more complicated than I had originally thought. Even for people familiar with risk-style games, there are alot of modifications and things to get used to. It is even worse if players have had no experiance with risk. Not that this is nessesarily bad, but its just not what I had expected. Roger mentioned in his lecture when talking about all the bizzare and complex looking german board games that they were all infact very easy to learn. For my beta play testing with the class I will include all the elements I have developed thus far, but am open to eliminating them to slim down the game play and flatten the learning curve a bit. I know complicated games aren't nessesarily less fun, but I apreciate the grace of simpler games, and would like to teach people rather quickly how to play the game, so after this class is over there will still be plenty of people willing to play.

I also realize that the monitary element of this game will change alot depending on the number of players. Since income is based on 'hoods controlled, for a 3 player game the average income to start is $2000 per turn, but with 5 players it is only $1200. Im not sure if this is something that will have to be fixed or will add variety to the game types.

There is a problem getting near the end of the game where it is difficult to make a final push to vicotry. Since you are limited in the number of attacks to the number of 'hoods you control (plus any purchased guns) you can only attack 15 or 20 times in a turn, even though you may have 40 units (across multiple 'hoods) you can attack with. One idea to solve this is allowing you to attack once for each weapon you have from every 'hood. But this goes to far in the other direction, making rampaging players to common a scene. Perhaps selling normal weapons (not just guns) would help extend a players attack stamina while the cost of doing so keeping it in check. I'll wait to see what people suggest after our playtesting session before I make any rule changes.

I've also created mission cards, since conquering the entire map is very time consuming. Balancing out the difficulty mission cards will be difficult, and I will have to see how people react to them during play.

Thats all for now. Bye bye.


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