Monday, November 08, 2004

:: Final Game Post #4 ::

Frisco Wars! Okay, so here are the rules for my game so far. I haven't thought of a creative way to display them yet, but hopfully I will.


Map -- There is one map, broken into 29 neighborhoods. There are several bus lines that run through the neighborhoods, distinguished by their colored routes and numbered bus stops. Players may only attack using bus lines, and may only travel one stop at a time.

To Start -- Players are delt neighborhood cards at random, and begin placing their units on those neighborhoods.
If 3 players -- 10 cards, 20 units each player
If 4 players -- 8 cards, 15 units each player
if 5 players -- 6 cards, 12 units each player (one run/gun card each)

Attacking -- Players will have cards representing the neighborhoods the controll. Each neighborhood has a unique weapon symbol on the bottom. These are the weapons that a player will have at his or her disposal, and a player can only attack a territory as many times as the number of weapons the have, or the number of men on each space, whichever is lower. (example: player one has twelve neighborhoods, each with one weapons, giving him twelve weapons. If he attacks G.G.Park from Inner Richmond, where he has fourteen units he can attack up to twelve times. If he attacks Marina from the Presidio, where he has ten units, he can attack it up to ten times.) If you eliminate an enemy in a neighborhood, you move the men you used to attack in the new neighborhood, and take the neighborhood card from your opponant.

Weapons -- are designated by one of three classes: Blunt (B), Sharp (S), and Entaglement (E). These weapons work on the same principle as rock-paper-scissor; blunt beats sharp, but losed to entaglement, which loses to sharp. Attacking and defending players turn over cards similtaniously one at a time during combat. Defender wins ties. There are also 5 Run'nGun cards. On offense, it is a gun card, that wins against any card, except a run card. On defense, run cards will keep you from losing a man that round.

Recruits -- At the begining of every turn a player get a number of new units, or "recruits," equal to the number of different bus lines that they occupy.

Post-Combat Movment -- After you are done attacking, you may move your men anywhere on a bus line in their neighborhood as long as they don't pass through and area you don't control. You may only move men on two bus lines per turn.

Win senarios -- There are multiple ways to win: either defeating all your opponants forces, completing your specific mission(s), or by controlling the 4 major bus lines: the 19, 22, 38, and 43.

Stuff to look forward to -- There will be missions, such as gaining controll of a certain bus line or type of neighborhoods. There will also be unique character types, with "home turf" areas, "weapon skills," and other special abilities.


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