Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Feedback for Q

1 -- I am giving feedback to Q for his game called C-Walk.

2 -- The game is played with cigarette boxes and is a game of skill.

3 -- The core mechanic is "pushing" and "tapping" the cig boxes.

4 -- C-Walk is all about flipping cigarette boxes. The rules are simple, but this opens up room for emergent play and players quickly expand the performance of play. Since players weren't bogged down in learning alot of rules, they began to perform as they were playing, each move extracting a reaction from both the players and the audience.

5 -- Although very simple, C-Walk does have all the elements of a game. There is a cleary defined set of win senarios, and players actions definatly affect the outcome. Players can even adopt stratigies, playing defensivly and moving away from the sides of the playing field, or aggressivly and going for the total knock out move. The rules defining the action were somewhat vauge, and had to be created as the game was played. The core mechanic of flicking instead of pushing was tested, and found to ruin the gameplay experiance.

6 -- The fact that their was multiple win/loss senarios (first to 3 or with tko wins, or first one out of ring loses) that added depth to the game, and allowed for come-backs.

7 -- The rules were a 7 out of 10, simply because of the unclairty of the core mechanic, which could only be resoved during play-testing. I think that since this game is so close to completion already, Q should spend some time making the presentaions of rules fit the game. There were several suggestions in class about ways to incorperate the rules into the world of smoking (matches, a packet that fits on the cig pack) and of making a video. A video that was an over-the-top "how to be the best C-Walker" would be fun, especially if Q included some more of his special moves.

8 -- Like I said in 5, there was a certian amount of stratigy that players could use. Although mostly a game of skill, how aggressive players are affects the game play. I would definatly suggest developing more special moves, like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, to make the game play more unique. Players could come up with their own signature moves.

9 -- The biggest surprise was the audience participation. People got very involved while watching, and would call out moves and suggestions. Everyone watching got into the game, cheering and jeering the players. This element of the game helps expand the ice-breaking quality of smoking.

10 -- I think this game is very open to Moding. Since it is so simple in its current form, I would definalty suggest making several alternate versions for multiple players and different enviroments. Perhaps even a massively multiplayer quick-fire version, where whenever you get on top of a players box, you get one of thier cigs right away. If you get ontop of two players at once, you get one from each. Maybe another version to be played on a staircase.

Q -- Great game. Since its almost done, think about Mod's and how you are going to present the rules. Definatly concider sending rules to prisons/prisoners and distributing to public...this game could catch-on. Even though I'm not a smoker, I understand the social role smoking plays, and this game only builds on that role. Very cool.


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