Friday, November 12, 2004

Feedback for Leo & Calvin

1 -- I am giving feedback on the Lonley City game designed by Calvin and Leo.

2 -- The prototype was an anaolge version of the final game which is going to be played on a computer (PC) and is a stratigy/puzzle game.

3 -- The core mechanic for the game will be clicking the mouse and thinking about the plot and characters, trying to figure out what the hell is going on (I love those games).

4 -- When playing the game players begin to get confused, which leads way to understanding as theydiscover bits of the revealed story and put them together.

5 -- Although the prototype was just a small amount of what will be in the final game, and therefore didn't have a win senario, people still understood how the game would be played. There was a set of clearly defined rules for interacting with objects and movment throughout the game world. I might suggest there being a limit to what a player can carry, and including more useless objects, so that players have to pay closer attention to clues as to what they should carry, instead of picking up everything the see. The note saying need to wear red and then in another room finding a red beanie was great. (I like that the clues and objects were seperated so that players have to remeber clues they've seen for some time) But maybe if you looked in a hamper and saw: "soccer socks, an old blue sweater, and a red beanie" it would require players to be more on top of whats going on to realize the beanie's importance.

6 -- The best defined game element is probably the rules. Also the ability for players actions to affect their outcome. If you grab something important, you may be able to get somewhere that you wouldn't be able to without it. Like I said above, perhaps making finding those objects more difficult would increase the impact of that ability.

7 -- I'd say the rules are a 10 of 10. Players know there are certain things you can do (look, grab, talk, etc to people and objects, and move) and thats it. Players know what they are capable of and what to be looking for.

8 -- When playing these sorts of games players can either play detective and try to figure everything out from the get go, or play pack-rat and grab everything worth anything. But developing a stratigy isn't as important as paying attention to the plot and the setting, and keeping track of all the info.

9 -- I was surprised at how well the game translated to paper. But I can't wait to see the graphics you guys come up with.

10 -- When the premace of the game was revealed I was surprised and worried by how "normal" the setting was (no space ships, nothing in the past or future, no nuclear winter) But then as we learned about the "dream state" part of the game, and that it would be somewhat site-specific to school and such, I saw where you were going with this. If it's too normal it won't be alot of fun, but it sounds like you guys are making a trippy game. Can't wait to play it!


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