Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Feedback for Elliot

1 -- I am giving Elliot feedback on his SFAI Balance Challenge.

2 -- It is a game of mental and physical skill, remeniscint of those old Nick shows like Legends of the Lost Temple and Guts. (those were my favs!)

3 -- The core mechanics are skating, thinking, writing and using the computer.

4 -- The game switched between figuring out problems and racing around a course.

5 -- As it is SFAI Balance Challenge is a game, since there is are cleary defined rules and an obvious way to tell who is the winner. The time penalty element with the math part could be fine tuned, but otherwise players actions have a clear effect on their position in the game.

6 -- The idea of lusory attiude is really interesting in this game. On the mental tasks you try your hardest to get the right answer, but then you have to try and stay ontop of this tiny board with little wheels while going as fast as possible over a windy course -- even though it would be so much easier just to run to the next stop.

7 -- I would give the rules a 10. Although what the rules are may need to be refined a little the way they are presented, and the overall gameplay is easy to understand.

8 -- Jacob decided to skip the math problems altogether and since Calvin tried them, but was unable to get any, Jacob came from behind and won.

9 -- I was surprised by the observers interaction with the players. Fans could mess with opponants during mental stages and root them on during pyhsical stages. It made it fun to watch.

10 -- Like I said above I used to love those challenge games on T.V. so I really like your game. I think it would be good though if you intersperced the mental and physicall challenges even more. Instead of having a thinking stage and a pyhsical stage, what it you had a stage where you would skate to a checkpoint, where you would have three math problems that would complete before continuing on to the next check point, where maybe you had to assemble a small puzzle or something. And as for the time penalties with the math problems, I would suggest making a skipped or wrong answer worth +15 sec, but if you get it right you add 15 sec to your opponants time. Then you'd want to complete the problems to screw your opponant as well as save yourself. I definatly like that there is a part of the game that is not timed, just to set-up who gets first pick. Like in Halo when we do FFA first to decide what the teams are for the real games. Anyway, your game is definatly fun and I can't wait to see how well (or poorly) I do!


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