Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Feedback for All

I was surprised by how different and fun everyone's games are. I thought I'd post a couple of thoughts I had on monday's prototypes.


Cihan: I think the diplomacy aspect is really neat, and would work best if players didn't share their answers. I found that if the other two players put false, I'd put in a true since it didn't matter. You definatly have a fun idea here, the key is goning to be in the questions and the board. I'd say think alot about what kinds of questions you'll ask, and think about losing the yes/no questions, since they only confuse things. Go for more abstract and bizzare ones, because I think there could alot of interesting emergent gameplay when people start attacking or defending players answers. Perhaps making politically charged or personal quesions so that players have an emotional stock in their answers.

Lauren: The idea of a real-world RPG is very cool. Like I said in class I think it'll work better if everyone is given a basic "sketch" of the world they are entering. We should know basic info on every player, basic ideas on some of the interactions, and then a full bio on you, your target and who targets you. It's already going to be difficult, and I think it would be more enjoyable and get people more motivated if the knew what the world they were trying to fit people into looked like. As for a win senario, perhaps there can just be a monderator that a player can approach and silently expalin thier theory to if they think they have it.

Kwansoo: I've already told you my ideas, so um... *melee attack* ...boyakasha!


Jacob I like the idea behind the game alot, and think it would be a great way to meet and get to know new people. The key is going to be in what the tasks are. I thought some of the tasks were really interesting, especially the ones that interacted with the other tasks going on.



Leo & Calvin



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