Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Play testing, anyone?

I wanted to make a game that didn't have any fancy rules or gimics, and was just a simple two player game with very basic game play but that relyed totally on stratigy. Kind of like Fivestones, if anyone has that on their phone.

This is what I came up with, but as the few people who have played it can agree: its missing something. I don't want to make it to complicated, but if anyone would like to test it and finds any changes like changing the map or movment, maybe adding teleport locations, let me know.

Idea-- You and your opponant are space miners trying to collect the most ore from the two planets in your system. However, you're stationed in one of the most unpredictable asteriod fields in the quadrant, and are faced with sparatic asteriod collisions. Survive the asteriods, defend your base, and collect the most ore to win.

The Map

Gameplay-- You each begin on your base (3 or 6), and can move one space at a time. If you are on a planet (1 or 8), you mine 1 ore into your hold. You can stay on a planet as long as you like and continue mining 1 ore per turn, but you must sucessfully return to your base to deposit it for it to count. First player to have 5 ore wins. The trick is that at the end of every players turn an 8-sided die is rolled, the resulting number representing where a rouge asteriod lands. If you are struck by the asteriod, you lose all cargo in your hold and are knocked into the center "safe zone." (Also, you cannot move to a space occupied by the asteriod.) Another trick is that if you sucessfully make it to your opponats base, you can collect one ore directly from thier stash (either into your ship's hold or directly into your base...I can't decide which). Also, if "rammed" by an opponant (he enters a space you are on) you are knocked into the center "safe zone" (but do or do not lose your cargo? I'm leaning toward not).

Suggestions thus far
-- Make the map 4x4 or 5x5.
-- Including barriers between certain spaces, while allowing people to move diagonaly.
-- Including teleports.
-- Hexaginal spaces (instead of square).
-- Include 3 or more players, perhaps teams.

Basically I think the idea is too simple for a final game project, but is something that I'd like to finish as an exersize anyway. Let me know what you find, or if you'd like to play test it with me.



Blogger Jane said...

great-- playtesting this weekend! will report back next week. thanks for the board image and rules!

October 14, 2004 at 12:27 AM  
Blogger Signor Farinelli said...

Your game falls into the "push-your-luck" category, like the increased-risk version of Heads or Tails. I haven't playtested it yet, but right off I'm thinking that an improvement would be to eliminate the die-rolling, which would raise the meaningful-play factor. In its place, you could have opponents somehow choose where the asteroid lands (you might have to change the backstory).

Here's an idea based on a mechanic that I've seen in a few games: Each player has a eight cards numbered 1 to 8. Before a player moves, his opponent selects a card and places it facedown -- this is there the asteroid will land. After the player moves, the card is turned over. Once a card is played, it is set aside until all 8 cards have been played. The cards may then be taken back into the player's hand. In order for this idea to work, the ore mine would have to be a safe zone (or else you would get creamed by an asteroid as soon as you land on it). That might mean fewer cards.

Just something to think about ... I don't want to make your game for you.

October 15, 2004 at 12:18 PM  

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