Thursday, October 21, 2004


Meditative Visitor Mr. Roboto
1) Each Player takes 3 white stones and 3 black stones.
2) Players hide any number of black and/or white stones in their right hand.
3) Whoever has the most white stones is the Robot.
4) Nobody wants the white stones except the Robot.
5) If someone picks up a white stone by accident, everyone must put thier collected stones back.
6) If the robot collects all the white stones before everyone else, the robot wins, and vice-versa.

The game has some elements that could be used to make a playable game, but right now it doesn't make sense. The first problem is that rule 1 and 3 somewhat controdict each other. There also aren't any instructions on how players pick up stones after they first decide who the robot is.

Here is an idea for an alteration, that somewhat resemble witch hunt:

1) 3 black stones and 3 white stones per player are placed in a bag (4 players = 12 white and 12 black stones).
2) Each player takes 6 stones from the bag without looking.
3) Player look at thier stones without showing others. Any player with 3 or less white stones is a robot*.
4) Players stand facing inward and each round players chose one stone to put into their fist and place their arm in the middle so no one can see the stone.
5) Players then go around in order, and can ask any number of other players who still have their stone what color it is (the answers can be lies or truths). Players can then chose one person and take their stone**.
6) The robots try to collect all the white stones, while the other players try to collect only black stones and keep the white stones from the robots.

*I'm not sure what the specifics for rule 3 should be, and it would have to be worked out as it was played. (More white than black stones. Any even number of white stones...?)
**Another idea would be that players trade stones, making selection more important. ("do i chose to put a white stone in even though im a robot whoever trades thinks im not a robot?")


Blogger GutMaim The Impaler said...

I don't know how this game would work out. With trading stones; players get to bluff and decide, predict who's the robot.
But, if no one sees who puts what stone, how would this game work? Maybe I'm missing something.

October 28, 2004 at 10:53 AM  
Blogger grey said...

I didn't make it very clear. The idea is that all players place thier fists in the center, and you ask a person what color their stone is. You can chose to take thier stone or not, based on thier answer, which may or may not be true. So although you can ask any number of players what color thier stone is, you will only know if one is bluffing or not: the person that you take it from. As far as motivation for your answer, if you want to get rid of a white stone, so you'll call it black. But, if you think someone is a robot, you can say you have a white stone, to see if they take it. Or you could be honest to make someone think you're bluffing.

November 10, 2004 at 12:30 AM  

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